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Electronic scientific professional edition
History of Science and Biographical Studies
2014 Ś ╣ 1

Recommended for publication by the Academic Council
of National Scientific Agricultural Library NAAS
March 28, 2014 (Minutes ╣ 3)

1 Chernov Borys Ol.  Evolution of content of education and methods of teaching geography in the Federal Republic of Germany in the second half of the 20th century (from the sixties to the nineties)  
2 Demyanenko Andrew B.  Olexandr Zinoviev: scientist, writer and citizen (european and post-soviet life and work) [Summary]  
3 Globa Olga F.  From the history of technology of microscopy in the XIX century [Summary]  
4 Horban Yurii A.  Ukrainian biographical dictionary: touches to the concept of registry names [Summary]  
5 Horban Tetyana Yu.  Ukrainian institutions in the structure of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (1918−1921) [Summary]  
6 Hryshchenko Tetyana R.  ôBulletin of Agricultural Scienceö is a leading professional edition of domestic agricultural deed in the 20-ies of the XX century [Summary]  
7 ╩apralyuk Oksana V.  Scientific contribution of Av.A. Kalantar (1859ľ1937) in the development of cattle breeding and milk production  
8 Krugliakov Viktor Ye.  ôUniversity questionö in the scientific and pedagogical heritage of M. Pirogov [Summary]  
9 Kryvokon Olexander G.  An importance of modernization of the State Kharkiv Locomotive Plant named after Comintern in the beginning of the XX century in the context of tractor construction in Ukraine  
10 Kunets Viktoriya V.  Scientific and organizational basis for the development of the domestic horse breeding (the second half of XIX ľ first half of the XX century) [Summary]  
11 Kuybida Viktor V.  Scientific heritage of the academician Fomin O.V.  
12 Nikiforova Ielyzaveta V.  The contributions of Dnipropetrovskĺ scientists in the theory of oscillations in liquid rocket engines in the twentieth century [Summary]  
13 ╬vcharenko Julia S.  Cooperation the Physical-Technological Institute of Low Temperature names after B. Verkin of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine with the enterprises in the 70s of the XX century [Summary]  
14 Vlasov Volodymyr Iv.  Geoeconomics and geoeconomics policy: historicalscientific analysis  
15 Yatsenko Svetlana V.  State regulation of archives in Ukraine for the needs of research and educational providing of agricultural production  

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