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History of Science and Biographical Studies
2014 2

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September 1, 2014 (Minutes 8)

1 Annenkov .  Electrical machine building on the ukrainian territories of Russia on the eve of the revolutionary upheavals and civil war (1917) [Summary]  
2 Apostol .  Andrey Sapegin - founder of the bases of scientific selection in the south of Ukraine [Summary]  
3 Bogach E.  Influence of professor V.I. Sazonov to the formation of a scientific world view and install S.I. Lebedev as a scientist [Summary]  
4 Vergunov V.  Professor Boris K. Enken (1873-1943) - scientist, teacher, organizer of plant breeding research deed in Ukraine [Summary]  
5 Vlasov V.  Global form of economic development  
6 Voloshchuk V., Yudina K.  Scientific activity during XX century with the study of questions about the digestion in intestines of pigs [Summary]  
7 Horban T.  The formation of subdivision of applied natural science in the structure of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in the period of its organizational becoming [Summary]  
8 Davydenko M.  Scientific research of AS USSR academician A.M. Grodzinsky (19261988) in chemical interaction of plants (allelopathy) [Summary]  
9 Yevtushyk R.  Historical analysis of formation period of monogerm sugar beet research (early 30's - late 50's of the 20th century) [Summary]  
10 Kovpak L.  Environmental problems in Zakarpattya (transcarpathian ragion of ukraine) after the documents of state archives in area. (late 19602001) [Summary]  
11 Nykytyuk A.  Factors ordering veterinary and sanitary control of the export of crude livestock products (1912) [Summary]  
12 Pekarchuk V.  Spatial (regional) coordinates of ethno cultural policy and their cultural and artistic representations in 1990 - 2000 years [Summary]  
13 Poedinok M.  The role of zemstvo statisticians of chernihiv type late nineteenth century in development of agricultural research [Summary]  
14 Cherednyk C.  Life path . Shevchenko (19091995) maestros of agricultural reclamation and culture in ukrainian wetlands territory [Summary]  
15 Schelkunova N.  Creating by professor G.J. Andreev leading line of research in Ukrainian absentia polytechnic institute [Summary]  

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