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History of Science and Biographical Studies
2014 4

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of National Scientific Agricultural Library NAAS
November 27, 2014 (Minutes 14)

1 Barabash Viktoria An.  Problems of formation and development of document management education and science in Ukraine in interpretations of Ukrainian modern scientists  
2 Bondur Tatyana Aleks.  The History of the development of ecology as a science in XIXXX centuries  
3 Valchik Valentyn.  The value of large-scale investigations of soils of Ukraine in 19571961 for the development of domestic agronomic soil science  
4 Vedeneev Dmitry V.  The inspirer of the church splits of the 1920-th the beginning of the 1930-th in Ukraine (the biography pages of Sergiy Karin-Danylenko)  
5 Demchenko Tatyana F.  Outstanding bridge builders of the nineteenth century: D. Zhuravsky and S. Kerbedz as the founder wood and metal bridge construction  
6 Zlenko Valentina An.  Dynamics of production and export of grains and potatoes in Ukraine  
7 Kostenko Alina I.  Professor V. Hrynevetsky and his scientific school of heating engineering  
8 Litvinov Oleksandr P.  The scientific achievements and their use in the radial methods of welding in USSR (the second half of the XX century)  
9 Nyzhnyk Svetlana V.  Umanskiy period of scientific and organizational activities of V. Peresypkin (19461952)  
10 Orlyk Svetlana Vl.  Fiscal policy in Naddnipryansky Ukraine in the second half of XIX early twentieth century in the scientific heritage of V. Krutikov  
11 Rizhuk Sergey M.  Kharkiv School as the center of the formation of the famous economist, Nobel Laureate Simon (Simeon) Kuznets  
12 Silchenko I., Lisnevych L.  Scientific-organizational, teaching and public activities of the scientist-geneticist Vladimir Zosimovsch  
13 Strelco Oleg G.  The history of the formation of bottle necks of railway station  
14 Utkin Alexander.  K. Matsievich Ukrainian scientist and public figure  
15 Shchebetyuk Natalya B.  Socio-political and economic background of Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences  
16 Smirnov Oleksiy An.  R. Rizhniak. The development of informatics and Information technologies in higher educational institutions of Ukraine in the second half of the XX XXI century: monograph / [under the gen. ed. by V. Orlyk]. Kirovohrad : KOD, 2014. 436 p.  

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