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Electronic scientific professional edition
History of Science and Biographical Studies
2015 1

Recommended for publication by the Academic Council
of National Scientific Agricultural Library NAAS
November 24, 2015 (Minutes 3)

1 Bondur T.  Some aspects of economic theory in the work s of M.I. Tugan-Baranovsky  
2 Galakh V.  Professor F.I. Lominskyi (18561927) as a founder of histophysiological school in modern medicine of our country  
3 Horban Yu.  Research and teaching ideas M.I. Pirogov in the context of higher education reform in Ukraine  
4 Kamchatnyi V.  Scientific-pedagogical and practical achievements of Professor I. P Osipov in analytical chemistry  
5 Kunetc V.  Some aspects of research problems with physiology gastric digestion in pigs (the end of XIX early XX century)  
6 Lyutik T.  Innovation imperative of economic development  
7 Merko O., Scherbina A.  Development of scientists of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory within experiment the "Galaxy"  
8 Nadraga M.  Readers interests of polish pupils in Lviv in the second Polish Republic  
9 Pavlushko Yu.  Academician Alexey Buhutskyy: the most important indicators of scientific and professional biography  
10 Pashkivska O.  The role of the first All-Ukrainian Congress in the study of the productive forces and the economy of Ukraine in solving the problems of soil science in the middle of 20-ies years of XX century  
11 Rizhniak R.  The history of hardware informatization of higher technical educational institutions of Ukraine (the second half of XX beginning of XXI century).  
12 Sokolovsky Z., Shenderovskyy V.  The Concept of Nationalism as the basis for state building for European and Ukrainian analysts  
13 Stepanenko V.  The problem of Human Security in a repressive totalitarian system in the USSR in the 1930s years  
14 Taranenko J.  Life and scientific activity of Professor Lyudmila Shepotko (19322003)  
15 Tupchiyenko N.  N. Bokiys archaeological research in the Kirovohrad Region  
16 Utkin O.  Ukrainian Academy of Economic of Czechoslovakia: creation and activities  
17 Chalavan V.  M. I. Nijniy the organizer in sphere of agrarian payment for labor (1960S of century)  
18 Shevchenko V.  Some questions of research work in conditions of Ukrainization of Central Rada  

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National Scientific Agricultural Library NAAS, 2015