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History of Science and Biographical Studies
2015 — ¹ 2

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June 24, 2015 (Minutes ¹ 6)

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1 Anikina O., Tatarchuk L.  Famous domestic scientist in the history of agrarian science – Corresponding Member of NAAS Victor A. Verhunov: on the occasion of 55th anniversary  
2 Annenkov I.  Assessment of industrialization development of Ukrainian society within the boundaries of the Russian empire in the light of training of workers for production, operation and maintenance of electric machines at the turn of the XIX–XX centuries  
3 Borodai I.  Golden pages of domestic animal science (the 150th anniversary of professor P. Pakhomov`s birthday)  
4 Vlasov V.  Estimate of globalization by researchers of the Russian Academy of the State Administration  
5 Hilyazetdinov R.  "Counter-revolutionary conspiracy in agriculture" (Ukrainian branch, 1933)  
6 Horban T.  Becoming first Ukrainian academic institutions with the study of natural resources (1918–1923)  
7 Horban Yu.  Land use in France in the transition to agrarian capitalism (the second half of the eighteenth century)  
8 Grytsyk L.  Struggle for opening the Ukrainian Faculty in Universities of Naddnipryanschyna (1905-1907): national historiography  
9 Êapralyuk O.  Historical aspects of development of the goat husbandry (ÕIX–XX ñentury)  
10 Kolomietc N.  The value of V. Dokuchaev’s work “Russian Chernozem” for the formation of genetic soil science as a science  
11 Kotsur G.  Scientific studies by V.O. Holobutsky about the Cossacks’s economic activity of period of New Sich (1734–1775)  
12 Kunets V.  The history of study gastric motility in pigs (the end of Õ²Õ century – 1965)  
13 Levitsky I.  Nikolai V. Levitsky (1859–1936) – co-operator and public figure with a poetic soul  
14 Opara N.  Evolution organizational basis of public safety and territories in emergencies  
15 Pyl’tiai O.  Historiography of the development of research work in agrosoil of Ukraine (the 30-ies of the XX-th century)  
16 Rizhniak R.  The development of scientific research in computer science in Kiev Polytechnic in the second half of XX–XXI century  
17 Yashchuk V.  Skopetskyi’s contribution to the development of mathematical modeling of environmental process  

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