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Electronic scientific professional edition
History of Science and Biographical Studies
2016 1

Recommended for publication by the Academic Council
of National Scientific Agricultural Library NAAS
March 31, 2016 (Minutes 3)

1 Apostol M.  The scientific search of academician M. V. Zubets in the context of the doctrine of the breed formation in animal husbandry  
2 Balyan Iz.  Scientific and organizational activities N. Kuleshov in-union Institute of plant (December 1925 March 1933)  
3 Bey R.  The construction of machines for collecting herbs and preparation of dry forages in the USSR: historical aspects  
4 Virovets V., Layko Ir., Gorshkova L., Kirichenko An.  From dioecious and at the same time maturing to monoecious non-narcotic hemp crop. 115 anniversary from birthday of academician M. M. Gryshko  
5 Horban Yur., Horban T.  One of the founder Ukrainian Academy of Sciences: Nikolai Prokopovich Vasylenko (On the 150th anniversary of his birth)  
6 Gryn G., Kuznietsov P.  Historical patterns of the natural gas usage in the chemical industry  
7 Dashevskii h.  Genetically modified plants and risks release to the environment. Development and problems investigations  
8 Drozd P.  Development of geobotanical studies in Ukraine in 20-30s of XX century  
9 Zosimov Ih.  From the history of the reorganization of the Ukrainian research institute of economics and agriculture organization (19281937): search with political implications  
10 Kovalenko Sv.  Collective farm research business in the life and in the creative heritage of agricultural sciences honorary academician T.S. Maltsev: Ukrainian motives  
11 Kotsur G.  Modern scientists about development and economic growth of Zaporizhzhia in the period of ataman Petro Kalnyshevsky  
12 Pasichnyk N.  Professor I.I. Patlayevskyy: essays on biography and scientific heritage  
13 Rizhniak R.  Petro Yosypovych Vomachko (18941941) the first dean of the department of physics and mathematics of the Kirovohrad pedagogical institute  
14 Romanyuk N.  Kostiantyn Vobliys the 140-th anniversary of the birth of scientist  
15 Sinyagina K.  Internship of George Gamow in Goettingen University: an important step in "big" science  
16 Slesarenko Ol.  Role of government authorities of Ukrainian SSR in the formation of ethnic education (1920 the beginning of the 1930s.): modern scientific dimension  
17 Tatarchuk L.  Historiography understanding of contribution of Poltava Experimental Field at development of agronomy and stock-breeding the end of the ղ century the first third of the century  
18 Fedyun Ol.  Historical science in the USSR in 19501980: historiographical dimension  
19 Harik T.  Contribution Dublyany Field Crops Schools (academy) in the development of agricultural science and research business in eastern Galicia (mid XIX early XX century)  
20 Shchebetyuk N.  Transformations of system scientific support agricultural sector in the USSR (19311935)  
21 Yatsentiy Bog.  Life and career professor Alexander Tihonovich Kalachykova (19021982)  
22 Panchenko P.P.  Review of the monograph: Bey R.V. The evolution of scientific thought in the mechanization and automation of animal husbandry in the Ukrainian SSR (20-80-s years of the XX century.) / NAAS, NSAL; science editor, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, corresponding member of NAAS V. A. Vergunov. Vinnitsa "Nilan-LTD", 2015. 380 p. ("Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine in persons, documents, bibliography," book 90)  

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National Scientific Agricultural Library NAAS, 2016