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History of Science and Biographical Studies
2016 — ¹ 4

Recommended for publication by the Academic Council
of National Scientific Agricultural Library NAAS
November 25, 2016 (Minutes ¹ 14)

1 Àpostol M.  The concept of development of domestic specialized beef cattle industry in the scientific heritage of academician of M. Zubets  
2 Belova O.  National experiences of consulting services and legislative resolution of agricultural advisory  
3 Varyvoda K.  Investigation of bioelectric phenomena of the brain in the scientific heritage of academician V. Danylevsky  
4 Vergunov V.  The scientific-organizational activities of professor Solomon L. Frankfurt on the establishment and development of the Kiev Society of Agronomy in the 1909-1918  
5 Geruk S., Sukmaniuk E.  Welding metallurgy founder M. Slavianov  
6 Golova V.  Cooperation professor of Kharkiv Technological Institute O. Lidov and Edition of Brockhaus & Efron’s Encyclopedias  
7 Demuz I.  «Physicist and lyricist»: unknown Petro Stebnytskyi  
8 Kotsur N.  Scientific search of peculiar methods of infectious diseases prophylaxis in research of kyiv doctors-scientists (second part of Õ²Õth – beginning of ÕÕth)  
9 Liutik T.  Harrington’s desirability function as instrument of integral assessment of innovation, scientific and technological components of economic potential  
10 Mazurenko T.  Functioning of the Department of Agricultural Sciences under the Academy of Sciences Ukrainian SSR (1945–1956)  
11 Pilipchuk O.  The role of the general statutes of the imperial universities 1863 in the development of scientific jurisprudence  
12 Pynda L.  Historical, bibliological and historiographycal aspects of research work of Scientific Library of LNAU  
13 Povisshaya M.  Participation of N. Shchukin’s in the construction of a unique magisterial kerosene pipeline of Baku-Batumi (1897–1907)  
14 Poyedynok M.  A study of agriculture economy by zemsky statisticians from gubernias of modern territory of Ukraine (end of XIX century – beginning of XX century)  
15 Sokolov V.  L. Lichkov’s activities as director of the Kyiv City Public Library (1915–1921)  
16 Supihanov B.  The views of the Russian scientists on geo-economics  
17 Tovkun L.  The issues of hygiene of labour in work of the Ukrainian congresses of the industrial doctors in 1936 and 1940  
18 Shelepov V.  Agriculture in the Russian empire in the second millennium  
19 Shulha V.  Scientific school of professor M. Kravchenko: activities and achievements  

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