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Electronic scientific professional edition
History of Science and Biographical Studies
2017 1

Recommended for publication by the Academic Council
of National Scientific Agricultural Library NAAS
March 29, 2017 (Minutes 3)

1 Annenkov I.  The concept of scientific and technical policy in the electrical machine building of the Ukrainian SSR in the period of the New Economic Policy (1921-1931 yrs.)  
2 Bardyn O.  Problems of scientific support of agricultural sector in the first years activity of Agricultural Scientific Committee of Ukraine  
3 Bey N.  History of development of production motor transport in Ukraine  
4 Bernar N.  The scientific school of Prof. P. Golodryga (19201986) on development of viticulture  
5 Geruk N., Sukmanuk O.  The founder of thermophysical bases of processing and welding of metals and plasma rocesses in metallurgy - academician M. Rykalin  
6 Gutnyk M.  Starting of scientific studies in technical sciences at the Kharkov Practical Technological Institute (by the example of scientific achievements of P Mukhachov)  
7 Davydenko M.  International allelopathy society: formation, structure and place of Ukraine  
8 Drozd P.  Academician of the Academy of Sciences of USSR Ye. Lavrenkos (19001987) contribution to the history of plant science  
9 Ivanchenko L.  History of Siverschina sugar industry: sugar refineries V. Kochubey (18291878) in Dubovichi town Hlukhivsky County  
10 Kovalenko S.  Research collective farm system of the case as a scientific support of agricultural production of Ukrainian SSR (1940-s of the XX century)  
11 Kotsur G.  Historical and biographical publications of history of the Cossacks on the pages of Dnipro waves (19101913)  
12 Liutik T.  The result of transfer of innovation in terms of scientific and innovation centers of the National Academy of Agricultural sciences (NAAS)  
13 Petruchenko A.  Participation of S. Vitte in railway congresses of the Group III  
14 Ustjak N.  History of functioning of workshops, intended for repair of locomotives and carriages on the railways of Ukraine  
15 Sharavara T.  The participation of leavers of Vilna Military Infantry School in Organizing Cultural and Educational Departments in Polish camps for interned ukrainian troops (19201923)  
16 Shulha V.  Directed breeding of the farm animals as a subject of scientific research of Professor M. Kravchenko  

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