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History of Science and Biographical Studies
2017 — ¹ 2

Recommended for publication by the Academic Council
of National Scientific Agricultural Library NAAS
June 27, 2017 (Minutes ¹ 6)

  General issues of theory and methodology of Historical Science      
1 Bey N.  Historical features of development of scientifically-technological processes of freight car production at the Kremenchug motor-car plant in the second half of ÕÕ – at the beginning ÕÕ² of centuries  
2 Borodai I.  Heuristic potential of the method of context analysis in research on the history of science and technology  
3 Karimova K.  About the making technology of ceramic in Ancient and Medieval times in Djalilabad  
  History of Ukraine      
4 Klapchuk S.  Historical aspects of the Ukrainian culture development in the second half of xix – early XX centuries  
5 Kuybida V., Shapoval L.  Symbolics of hetman regalia: historical retrospective  
6 Lozynskyi A.  Place and role of published documents and materials in the investigation of the issues “Ukrainians during The First World War”  
7 Melnyk V.  Socio-economic and political pre-conditions of industrial poultry farming development in Ukraine (1953-1964)  
  History of Science and Technology      
8 Hryshchenko T.  Vinnytsia (Podolsk) office of the Agricultural Scientific Committee of Ukraine: the first attempts to coordination of research activity at the periphery  
9 Salata H.  Scientific, pedagogical and organizational activity of the outstanding Russian structural mechanics M. Filonenko-Borodzicz (1885–1962)  
10 Tarantsova T.  Scientific and research work of the Kiev Agricultural Company crisis through the prism of the commission’s activity in the study of the South-Western country households  
11 Chervonenko O., Kepin D.  Periodization of the Natural History Museology in the context of European History of Natural Sciences  
12 Shulha V.  The development of Selection Science in the cattle breeding of the Ukrainian SSR in the 30-80s of the XX century  
  The 100-th anniversary of the National Scientific Agricultural Library of NAAS      
13 Kovalenko N.  Achievements to science studies sector of Institute of History of Agrarian Science, Education and Techniques of NSAL NAAS from development of agrarian business in Ukraine  
14 Lazareva V.  The representation of calendar of significant and memorable dates in the history of agricultural research affairs of Ukraine  
15 Bondur T.  Encyclopedias in “Fund editions published in the nineteenth century with aglicultural direction” of National Scientific Agricultural Library of NAAS  

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