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Electronic scientific professional edition
History of Science and Biographical Studies
2017 3

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of National Scientific Agricultural Library NAAS
September 29, 2017 (Minutes 9)

  General issues of theory and methodology of Historical Science      
1 Abbasov S.  Does international law prohibit islamophobia?  
2 Borodai I.  Evolution of the methodological approaches to regulation of sex in animal husbandry  
3 Kucher V., Globa O.  Academic V. Vernadskyi about the role of science in development of society  
  History of Ukraine      
4 Pereginchuk T.  Volunteer activity and support of persons of the ATO (20142017) by means of art and the Internet network as the composition of Ukrainians military culture  
  History of Science and Technology      
5 Bey N.  An evolution of scientifically-technological processes of car production in National Transport University (the second half of beginning of ղ centuries)  
6 Kashperskyi V.  Life way and scientific activities of Academician of UAAS G.O. Bogdanova (19302009)  
7 Kotsur R.  Uman period of scientific-organizational and pedagogical activity of professor V.F. Nikolaev (18891973)  
8 Kuznietsov P.  Contribution of Ukrainian scientists in the becoming and development of nitrogen industry in the twentieth century  
9 Lukyanchuk L.  The Academician Mykola M. Hryshko (19011964) the chairman of the Department of Agricultural Sciences of Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR  
10 Orekhivskyi V.  Contribution of I. Ye. Ovsinskyi (18561909) in becoming of organic agriculture on Ukrainian lands  
11 Pyltiai O.  Cartography Ukrainian soils in 30 years of the XX-th century: historical aspect  
12 Pidkoshanaia O.  M. S. Streleckyi about the possible decisions of a transport crossing of wide reservoirs  
13 Rohozha M.  Retrospective analysis of the naturalist M. I. Havrylenkos biography from the point of view of his scientific activity. Part I  
14 Salata H.  Academician Yevhen O. Paton as a representative of professor L. D. Prokuryakovs scientific and technical school  
15 Solovey G.  Historiographic analysis of research and introduction of antierosion measures in the Western regions Ukrainian SSR (19481990)  
16 Tverytnykova E.  The development of mathematical modeling of power assets and systems in Ukraine (second half of the twentieth century)  
17 Yudina K.  Life way and scientific activity of Academician Peter G. Boghach  
18 Ianin V.  L.S. Lebedyanskyi: the last years of life and legacy of remarkable locomotive designer  

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