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History of Science and Biographical Studies
2017 4

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of National Scientific Agricultural Library NAAS
December 21, 2017 (Minutes 14)

  General issues of theory and methodology of Historical Science      
1 Hryshchenko T.  The contribution of the Agricultural Scientific Committee of Ukraine (19181927) in the scientific and organizational support of the agrarian science development  
2 Salata H.  Professor L.D. Proskuryakov (18581926): notes to the intellectual biography studies  
  History of Ukraine      
3 Koltachykhina O.  The influence of Orthodox Christianity on cosmological ideas in Ukraine (XIXVIII centuries)  
4 Padalka S.  Manifestations of domestic bribery and ways to counteract it in the village of Right-Bank Ukraine in the second half of the XIX early XX centuries  
  History of Science and Technology      
5 Balenko V.  General trends in the development of the national agricultural science within the period of 19351940  
6 Bey N.  Becoming and development of scientifically-technological processes of car production in a Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University (the second half of beginning of ղ centuries)  
7 Melnyk V.  Contribution of an Academician of Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Science .F. Ivanov to development of scientific fundamentals of domestic poultry farming  
8 Muravska S.  The role of museums of higher educational establishments of Western Ukraine in illustrating the history of science  
9 Nichkaluk V.  Scientific and organizational activity of Academician K.G. Vbliy in the context of the establishment and development of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences)  
10 Ovcharenko I., Tkachenko S.  The role of the scientists of the Physics and Technical Institute of Low Temperatures in the preparation of scientific, technical and engineering staff in the 19601990s  
11 Orekhivskyi V.  Becoming and development of scientific bases of the use of siderations of cultures in organic agriculture of Ukraine (the second half of ղ beginning of ղ centuries)  
12 Osadcha O.  Scientist Zasukhin Olexii (18841922): formation of scientific world-view  
13 Supikhanov B.  Economic power of planet georegions  
14 Utkin O.  Ukrainian scientist and bacteriologist, professor P.E. Andriyevsky (18801945)  
15 Yudina K.  Contribution of scientific school under management Academician P.G. Bogach in development of physiology of digestion as science  
16 Yurchenko E.  The questions of biology and physiology of reproduction of agricultural animals in scientific activities of the Central Experimental Station of Artificial Insemination  

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