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History of Science and Biographical Studies
2018 1

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of National Scientific Agricultural Library NAAS
March 29, 2018 (Minutes 3)

  World History      
1 Mamedov N.  Garabagh region of Azerbaijan in 19861990  
  History of Ukraine      
2 Dovgoruk Y.  The process of harvesting and exporting fruits and vegetables from the territory of the Yagotinsky district to Germany during the German-fascist occupation (19411943)  
3 Kotsur V.  Normative and legal basis of ethno-national policy in Ukraine at the beginning of XXI century: search of consensus, assumptions, mistakes  
  History of Ukraine      
4 Romanchuk M.  The main stages of studying and mapping of the Dnipro river, the Podneprovsky by European scientists and cartographers (the end of the XVIXVII centuries) on the example of the funds of the sector of cartographic publications of NLUV  
5 Moskalenko S.  About the technological chain Man-Machine-Animal (the memoirs)  
6 Shulha T.  Socio-political effects of the economic upturn in Crimea in 20002008  
  History of Science and Technology      
7 Bey N.  Evolution of scientifically-organizational bases of domestic motor industry: historiography of period of independence of Ukraine  
8 Bondur T.  Agriculture science and industry agroindustrial production: a historical perspective (middle of the XIX early XX century)  
9 Borodai I.  Professor A. Skorokhodko (18831954) developer of theoretical and methodological basis of domestic zoohygiene (to the 135th anniversary of his birthday)  
10 Vasylenkov V.  The history of the development of the research of experience of the creation of mechanics of the liquid from antiquity up to the XVIII century  
11 Gaidenko .  Formation and development of a research case on the mechanization of production processes in Kirovograd region (the beginning of the XX the beginning of the XXI centuries)  
12 Hryshchenko T.  Fate of Kyiv and Kyiv region agricultural research institutions in the years of the Ukrainian revolution  
13 Yelina O.  Graduate of the Kiev university, Vladimir Khitrovo, and scientific research of his private botanical station  
14 Lemishovska O.  Pavlo Ciompa (18861914) Lviv scientist on accounting and his essays of econometrics (unexplored history pages)  
15 Orekhivskyi V.  Contribution of professor .H. Livanov (17511800) in becoming and development of organic agriculture in Ukraine in the second half of V of century  
16 Sergyeyeva I.  B.K. Yenken (18731943): formation of personality and scientific worldview  
17 Tatarchuk L.  Evgen Porfirovich Arhipenko founder of the Ukrainian periodical on beekeeping  
18 Tovmachenko V.  Contribution of scientists-theorists and practices in the development of organic farming: historical aspect  
19 Ustiak N.  Professor M.V. Vynokurov about development of carriage economy at the former USSR railways (19171937)  

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