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Electronic scientific professional edition
History of Science and Biographical Studies
2018 2

Recommended for publication by the Academic Council
of National Scientific Agricultural Library NAAS
June 21, 2018 (Minutes 6)

  General Issues of Theory and Methodology of Historical Science      
1 Demuz I.  Literary-publicistic biographica of Petro Stebnytskyi as a constituent of his national identification discussions  
  History of Ukraine      
2 Yermilov V.   The financial bases for the development of zemstvos medicine of Kherson province  
3 Kotsur V.  Ukraine after the orange revolution 20052010: purposes, unrealized ideas-strategies in ethnic and national policy  
4 Orlyk S.  Works and memoirs of the first world war contemporaries as a source for the study of the financial policy of the Russian occupation regime in Galicia and Bukovinia  
5 Svystovych S.  To the question of the implementation of cultural transformations in the Ukrainian SSR (1920th of century)  
  History of Science and Technology      
6 Garbar O., Yeschenko V.  Contribution of scientists of the department of general agriculture of Uman National University of Horticulture to the domestic agricultural science development  
7 Gutnyk M.  Professor Vasyl Ivanovich Albitsky leading scientist of the Kharkiv technological institute in the area of hydraulics (19.03.1850 after 1916)  
8 Dovgoruk Yu.  Supiyska experimental meliorative swamp station in the period of German-fascist occupation of USSR (19411943)  
9 Drozd P.  Activity of academician of USSR as Ie.M. Lavrenko in the V.L. Komarov Botanical Institute of USSR (19341987)  
10 Kebkalo T.  The history of the origin and formation of embryology (IV century BC end of the century)  
11 Koblosh V.   Soil research of the Dnyster lower: first scientific achievements of professor N. Vernander (19011986)  
12 Kossko T.  Scientific discoveries of scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine of the 6080s of the 20 century  
13 Mylostian Yu.  Formation of scientific and educational ideology of domestic pedagogue, scientist-agrarians, founder of aircraft building, Prince O.S. Kudashev (18721917)  
14 Orekhivskyi V.  An improvement of innovative technologies of organic agriculture is in institute of agriculture of Black Sea region of NAAS in beginning of ղ of century  
15 Prysiazhniuk M.  Activity of agricultural courses in the Chernigov province on popularization of agricultural knowledge at the beginning of XX centuries  
16 Shadrina O.  Scientific heritage of P.. Gavsevich (18831920) in the system of the Society of Volyn Researchers  
17 Shcherban A.  The strings production in Opishnya the successful project of 1911  
18 urchak E.  Owner of the Doctor of Agricultural Sciences L.D. Yurchak in development of domestic science of the allelopathy  

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