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History of Science and Biographical Studies
2018 — ¹ 3

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September 13, 2018 (Minutes ¹ 9)

  General Issues of Theory and Methodology of Historical Science      
1 Borodai I.  Evolution of theory and methodology of preservation of farm animal biodiversity as basis for development of Ukrainian animal science  
2 Shchebetyuk N.  Development of theoretical-methodological forms of agricultural experimental case in Ukraine (20–30th of XX century)  
  World history      
3 Yushkevych V.  «Guian project» (1938) in the context of the American policy towards European political refugees  
  History of Ukraine      
4 Klapchuk S.  Library and archival development by Ukrainian governments (1917– 1920)  
5 Koniva Y.  The natural geographic prerequisites of the forming of road communications in the territory of Sloboda Ukraine and features of its functioning in the XVIII century  
6 Mamoian S.  The monetary reform of 1895–1897 years on the territory of the Russian Empire in the evaluations of A.D. Nechvolodov  
7 Melnyk V.  Organizational-methodical and coordination activities of the Ukrainian republican specialized trust of poultry factories and poultry farms in 1963–1964  
8 Padalka S.  Ñulture as an identified Ukrainian village factor: ideology, politics, traditional measures (1960–1980s)  
9 Radchenko L., Sidorova N.  Training of specialists in Ukrainian Republican Agricultural Technical School of Correspondence Study (1960–70’s)  
10 Rushai E.  Alexander Tsinkalovsky (1898–1983) – prominent historian and ethnographer of Volyn (to the 120th anniversary of his birthday)  
11 Frolov S., Prykhodko T., Kutcyna L.  Activity of the Department of Social Sciences of Kharkov Veterinary Institute in the 50-60’s of the XX century  
12 Shevchenko V.  State by hetman P. Skoropadsky and ukrainization during the liberation struggle period (1917–1921)  
  History of Science and Technology      
13 Àndroshchuk L.  Åvîlutiîn of ecological thought on Ukrainian lands (the beginning of the IX–XX centuries)  
14 Annenkova N.  The conditions of the machine-tool park formation of the Ukrainian SSR machine-building complex before the period of «socialist» industrialization (1919–1927)  
15 Bey R.  Prerequisites for the creation and main achievements of the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Alcohol and Biotechnology of Food Products (the second half of the 40’s of the XX – the beginning of the XXI century)  
16 Burdak A.  The role of the Kharkiv Society of Agriculture on the development of the control-seed case in Ukraine (the beginning of the twentieth century)  
17 Varyvoda K.  The Kyiv period of development of the D.S. Vorontsov scientific school in the field of electrophysiology (1935–1965)  
18 Derkach O.  Scientific heritage of Academician P.M. Vasylenko (1900–1999)  
19 Kebkalo T., Buts M.  First Ukrainian histological schools (the end of the XIX – early XX centuries)  
20 Kyselys K.  Development of entomological research in activity of Poltava Agricultural Society at the end of the nineteenth century  
21 Kovalenko S.  L.G. Ramensky’s methods using in the geo-bothanic researches for the need of collective experimental case in Ukrainian SSR and USSR (1935– 1936)  
22 Korzun O.  Yaroslav Nemets contribution (1842–1898) into the development of research in horticulture on the Ukrainian lands (devoted to the 120th anniversary of the scientist’s death)  
23 Lobenko S.  Forming and development of the geological scientific school of the Imperial Kharkov University (the second half of the XIX – beginning of XX century)  
24 Orekhivskyi V.  Foundation of optimal structure of sowing areas and crop rotations for development of organic agriculture in economies of Ukraine in beginning of ÕÕ² of century  
25 Tovmachenko V.  Kharkov period of activity of the outstanding physics, Academician of the USSR L.D. Landau (1932–1937)  
26 Sharavara T., Makarets S.  Transcarpathian roots of veterinary science of Poltava region: on the occasion of the 60th birthday of professor P. Lokes (1958–2016)  
  Announcements, reviews, events      
27 Ozhereleva V.  Professor M.R. Kozachenko: life in science (to the 80th anniversary of the birthday)  

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