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4 Life and creative way of General Andriy Vovk full article
Rohozha M., Rohozha M.
Pages: 55-71

An article is prepared in the context of honoring the traditions of the fight the ukrainians for independence and unity of Ukraine and celebration of fighters’ military victory - creators of the national state, its defenders. In addition, it corresponds to the content and spirit of Presidential Decree № 17 from January 22, 2016 “About the celebration to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Ukrainian revolution events of 1917-1921”. Also, it touches the Anniversary Celebration Plan for the period up to 2021 approved by CMU ordinance № 777 from October the 6, 2016. Both documents have significantly intensified the socio-political and scientifically-research activities of different parts of Ukrainian society.

The authors set out the task to investigate the sphere of Andrei Vovk's motivations acording to transition to the Ukrainian People's Republic Army. It is clear that the fact of transition and active participation in the struggle in fighting for Ukraine's independence was accepted by a well-established fact. The motivations for the transition were perceived by the sum of the factors that were next to the family education, studing the civil education, non-officer and officer service in the Russian army, participation in the fighting in the World War the First put Andrii Vovk (1882-1969) in the need of conscious choice for further service. Moreover, the flow of his service in different parts of the UPR Army in command posts, that were appointed by the top military management of the Ukrainian People's Republic – it is also received by a research assignment, separate tasks were perceived with the study of personal battle participation and management activities of military units in the First Winter hike as the highest expression of service to the Ukrainian state and the leadership of troops in other battles. An entry into the process of internment and active public and political activity during the post-internment period (care for the life and financial support of interned soldiers, holding the post of Minister of War).

The solution of these problems is based on the application of the dialectics laws. It was they who provided realization of the research principles according to the marked subject through the scientific, historical and interdisciplinary methods.

Such is the main conclusion. The study of the life path of General Andriі Vovk and the motives complex that motivated his transfer to the UPR Army allowed us to allow that the choice to serve for Ukraine's independence, fighting for it in the national liberation struggle from 1917 and during all the last life as claimof idea and an act creation, was the conscious step, that was conditioned and confirmed with every movement of the soul and mind.

general, idea, rank, army, fight, independence, Ukrainian People’s Republic (UPR)
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