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6 Dynamic astronomy at Kharkiv University in the 1920s and 1930s in the context of the activities of Professor O.I. Razdolsky (1877–1942) full article
Balyshev M.
Pages: 86-99

The proposed study is devoted to the reconstruction of pages of the scientific biography of the Ukrainian astronomer-theoretician Professor Alexei Ivanovich Razdolsky. To date no specific publications on the study of the facts of the life and works of Prof. Razdolsky have been identified. In several astronomical publications his name is found only in connection with the mention of works in the field of theoretical astronomy in Kharkiv University in the '20s and '30s XX century. The periodical materials, including foreign, contains brief comments, dedicated to the different topics of the astronomer's scientific work and his pedagogical activity at Kharkiv State University. Thus, the name of the scientist is actually lost to the history of native science. We consider it necessary to conduct a detailed study of the basic facts of Razdolsky's research work at the Kharkiv Astronomical Observatory, focusing on his direct involvement in the formation of topics and organization of work in the field of celestial mechanics throughout the 1930s.

The author uses special methods – historical and biographical, retrospective and methods of source analysis. Their use made it possible to identify the main stages of the scientific biography of Alexei Razdolsky, to assess his research potential and in general – his personal scientific contribution to the development of astronomical science. It has been shown that Razdolsky worked in the field of theoretical astronomy, specializing in the determination and improvement elements of the asteroid's orbit of the main belt of the Solar system (taking into account of the perturbations by the planets), calculation of their motion. He is most known for his works, related to the movement of asteroids – the Jupiter trojans. The numerous astronomer's scientific works, which became a bibliographic rarity long time ago, but are no less fundamental, have been analyzed. The prospect of further development of this topic is to prepare a comprehensive historical and biographical study of the life and work of Prof. Alexei Razdolsky in the context of a general study on the history of astronomy in Kharkiv in the first half of the ХХ century.

Alexei Razdolsky, dynamical astronomy, small planets, celestial mechanics, Trojan asteroids, periodic orbit, Kharkiv Astronomical Observatory
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