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14 Contribution of Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Aleksey Sitenko (1927-2002) to the development of theoretical physics full article
Tovmachenko V.
Pages: 231-243

The life and career of an outstanding scientist, theoretical physicist, vibrant multifaceted personality, a true patriot of Ukraine, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Aleksey Grigoryevich Sitenko are highlighted. He is the author of numerous scientific works - monographs and textbooks on nuclear physics and plasma physics, reprinted in the USA, England and other countries. Monographs by Alexei Grigorievich have become classic in the scientific literature and are widely cited. Main scientific interests A.G. Sitenko were associated with theoretical nuclear physics and plasma theory. In particular, A.G. Sitenko carried out pioneering work on the kinetic theory of plasma in an external magnetic field and was thus involved in the super important problem of creating an energy reactor based on controlled thermonuclear fusion. Aleksey Grigoryevich is, of course, one of those outstanding representatives of Ukrainian scientists, thanks to whom Ukraine today is perceived in the world as a state with a high level of fundamental science. He was loved and respected not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders. The available historiographic material on the research topic is considered. It has been established that the scientist’s activities are mainly covered in a few sources devoted to his memory, on the Internet, on the websites of the institutions where he worked; special historiographic studies are practically absent. Sitenko A.G. physicists know well, at the same time, the general public does not know him well enough. The purpose of the study is to familiarize the general public of researchers with the life and creative way of an outstanding personality, an outstanding Ukrainian scientist who made a huge contribution not only to domestic but also to world science, was a comprehensively gifted person, an expert in Ukrainian and world culture. The methodological basis of the publication was composed of general scientific and historical research methods: analysis, synthesis, problem-chronological, as well as historiographic and source study.

Alexey G. Sitenko, theoretical physics, plasma physics, nuclear physics, nuclear processes, Institute of Theoretical Physics named after N.N. Bogolyubova, A.I. Akhiezer
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