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Arhive ⇒  History of Science and Biographical Studies 2019 No.4

Recommended for publication by the Academic Council
of National Scientific Agricultural Library NAAS
December 19, 2019 (Minutes № 16)

History of Ukraine
1 Activities of the Kaniv State Museum-Reserve «Grave of T.G. Shevchenko» in the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR in 1951–1963

Verbitska О.
Abstract, keywords & references
Pages: 1–32
2 The development of vocational education on the Ukrainian lands in the early 20th century

Klapchuk S.
Abstract, keywords & references
Pages: 33–42
3 The newspaper "Komsomolskoe Znamya" as a source for the representation of Afghan issues in 1980-1991

Ostrovyk D.
Abstract, keywords & references
Pages: 43–65
4 Formation of the painted Easter egg collection of National Historic and Ethnographic Reserve "Pereyaslav"

Tkachenko V.
Abstract, keywords & references
Pages: 66–81
5 Socio-political aspects of the ideology of the "new religion" of Nazi Germany

Utkin О.
Abstract, keywords & references
Pages: 82–97
6 The lines of communication in Pereyaslav region in 1943-1950: history of construction and using

Shkira L.
Abstract, keywords & references
Pages: 98–107
History of Science and Technology
7 Scientific-organizational activities of Academician of NAS of Ukraine S.M.Koniukhov in the field of rocket space science and technique of Ukraine: historiography of the problem

Voitiuk О.
Abstract, keywords & references
Pages: 108–132
8 Technical support of the system of organization of timber rafting through the thresholds of the Dnieper (19th – the middle of 20th century)

Horbovyi О.
Abstract, keywords & references
Pages: 133–145
9 Scientific-organizational and representative activities of the Poltava Office of the Agricultural Scientific Committee of Ukraine in 1922-1924

Hryshchenko T.
Abstract, keywords & references
Pages: 146–156
10 Formation of chemical research in Kharkov Practical Technological Institute (Kharkov Technological Institute of Emperor Alexander III) at the end of 19th – beginning of 20th century

Gutnyk М., Tkachenko S.
Abstract, keywords & references
Pages: 157–167
11 Ferapont Petrovych Saienko (1891–1923) - the first head of the Agricultural School in Borzna

Ivanchenko L.
Abstract, keywords & references
Pages: 168–190
12 The periodization of the development of theoretical electrical engineering in Ukraine in 1930 – the beginning of the 21st century

Lavrinenko O.
Abstract, keywords & references
Pages: 191–209
13 Near sources of «neolamarkism»: the prominent American paleozoolog Edward Drinker Cop (1840–1897)

Pylypchuk О.
Abstract, keywords & references
Pages: 210–221
14 History of the Poltava State Agricultural Research Station named after M.I.Vavilov of Institute of Pig Breeding and Agro-Industrial Production of NAAS to 135th anniversary

Tatarchuk L.
Abstract, keywords & references
Pages: 222–237
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