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Aims and Scope

The mission of the collection is to provide the scientific community with equal opportunities to publish the results of their research and to disseminate them freely.

Editorial policy provides for a multifaceted scientific, professional coverage of current issues of historical science and biography.

Goals of the collection:

  • - presentation of the results of research and production activities of domestic and foreign scientists, their practical contribution to the development of the relevant field of science;
  • - providing a platform for scientific discussions, exchange of views on current issues of historical science;
  • - acquaintance of the scientific community with the results of research of creative teams of research, museum and archival institutions, teaching staff of higher education institutions, research of graduate students, applicants and doctoral students;
  • - creative dialogue of scientists of different generations;
  • - presentation of the achievements of Ukrainian science in the world information space;
  • - consolidation of the scientific community.

Problems of the collection: original research results in the field of scientific discipline of documentation (including its linguistic foundations), history of the formation and development of scientific schools, the problems of forming a new conceptual vision of the history of science and biographical studies, the evolution of the social function of science and methods of scientific studies, the ways of involvement scientific heritage to solving urgent issues of today.

The traditional headings of an electronic scientific professional collection "General questions of theory and methodology of historical science", "History of science and technology", "History of Ukraine", "World Ukraine".

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