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Conflict of Interest

Editorial Board of the collection «History of Science and Biography Studies» takes into account in its activities the possibility of a conflict of interest during the publishing process. Conflicts of interest are factors that negatively affect objectivity, or may be perceived as interfering with the review process, editorial decision-making, publication and presentation of the manuscript. Conflicts of interest may arise through personal relationships with persons involved in submitting or reviewing manuscripts (authors, reviewers, editors, or Editorial Board members) and personal beliefs (political, religious, ideological, etc.) related to the topic of the manuscript. All persons involved in the manuscript, including authors, editors, reviewers, and readers who comment on or evaluate the material, should report a conflict of interest. If, in the opinion of the editors, there are circumstances that may affect the impartial review of the material, the Editorial Board does not involve such a reviewer in the review process.

The Editorial Board reserves the right not to publish the manuscript if the conflict of interest declared by the author jeopardizes the objectivity and reliability of the evaluation of the study.

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